Quilter's Cabin

    A one time fund raiser for Pioneer Land in the form of a quilt for auction during the annual Pork Chop dinner in 2006 traveled along into 2007 with another quilt for auction and again in 2008 with yet another for a quilt raffle.

    A group of women, met in the Pioneer Land school house in January and February of 2006 three times a week and finished the first quilt in a month. All were hooked and The Pioneer Land Quilters were born. A unanimous decision was made to do another quilt and work on quilting demonstrations during the LaPorte County Fair. Word was sent to quilt guilds in LaPorte County to ask if they would consider making a top as a group project and send it to the quilters for hand quilting then on to auction. These guilds have all individually united in the Pioneer Land project. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Ten to twelve women met at a home in Kingsbury, In and quilted toward the first annual Pioneer Land Auction held in 2007. The quilters kidded with the Pioneer Land Development Committee to have the next building be a quilt cabin and were amazed that it was taken under advisement. A small group made a trip to Shipshewana to look at cabins, found one they really liked and reported back to the committee. The dream was a reality!

    Pioneer Land at the LaPorte County Fair grounds is a central location for the quilters who come in from all directions of LaPorte County. The LaPorte County Farm Bureau generously offered the use of their Milk Cabin to the quilters who happily accepted.

    The first Pioneer Land auction included all hand crafted items and was a huge success. The quilt portion of the auction brought extremely generous final bids and ultimately contributed to a existing designated fund for a quilt cabin.

    The quilters cabin was delivered in 2007.

    A lot of hard work was yet to come, and it was the combined dedication and hard work of all that completed that work.

    A concrete section was poured on which the cabin would be placed; the roof was raised and locked into place; the front porch opening was made larger to accommodate folks coming up the steps; a wonderful handicap ramp was constructed, installed and stained to match the cabin ; new wiring was installed; new inside and outside lighting was installed; extra wood working completed to hide all of the wiring; a corner cabinet was made and installed; the inside floor was stained; the quilters moved in with treadle sewing machine and quilting frames; the blacksmith shop designed and made quilt hangers for the dowels to hold quilts; and last but certainly not the least the landscaping was done. People contributed extra soil, fertilizer, annuals, perennials, vines, rocks, garden objects and hot hard work. It was not unusual to come to the cabin any time and find someone transplanting something that they had too much of in their personal gardens. These plantings were done 3 days before the 2007 LaPorte County Fair and looked as though it had been there forever. It was a wonderful experience to be included in. The 2007 auction was more successful than the previous year and finished paying for the quilting cabin.

    The Pioneer Land quilters remain a dedicated core group of 10-12 with new quilters occasionally joining in the fun and work. The quilters take the quilting frame, dress in the 1830 period and are available for quilting demonstrations at local festivals or events. This is a service free of charge in order to promote the Pioneer Land Project.

    Through the continual generosity of many people, 100% of the funds raised through the quilt portion of the auction are added to the general fund toward new buildings and/or the maintenance of the existing structures.

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     Our Christmas Open House will be 12/4-5/21 from 3:00-8:00 P.M.  There is going to be a light show going on during our open house that is not part of Pioneer Land.  Due to the light show being held on the Fairgrounds, any car entering after 5:00 P.M will be charged $35.00 per carload.  Pioneer Land will receive none of the funds generated from the light show.  





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